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Flowru :t   is pronounced /fləʊ-ruːt/ and has its meaning of "energy flow" into "the root" and "the route" to balance body, mind, and spirit. 

"The root" is our background such as nationality, family
the environment that we grew up in, etc that is the foundation of who we are. Often, we create emotional blockages while establishing the fundamental part of our lives, which eventually cause physical illnesses. It's very important not to overlook where we are coming from.

"The route" is both our past and future life paths, and healing journey.

I believe getting the energy flow back to our root is critical to the well-being in order for our body to release old emotional and physical wastes to support its healing process and to balance it.
This process requires love, acceptance, forgiveness, and gratitude towards ourselves.

You might experience uncomfortable symptoms which are usually experienced in the past, like headaches, joint pain, back pain, muscle aches
, rashes, chronic fatigue, sleep disturbance, and so forth, once the body is set in the healing mode and started to dump environmental toxins and toxic thoughts stored in tissues and organs. 

I will guide you to the direction where you can address the root cause of your health concern (symptoms and signs) from moment to moment by providing you with thorough protocols based on your body's needs.
You will be also supported emotionally in a safe and comfortable healing environment while restoring your health. 

Getting health back in alignment will be a milestone in your life. 
The route that you take from there to the future can be a lot easier than the healing path in the past. Or maybe hard for some to keep the healthy lifestyle and eating habit. 

This is all up to you. 

Once you improve and regain your well-being, I hope you increase overall happiness even more, while managing stress, and reducing both internal and external toxicity. 

Respect your own space and boundary.
Learn how to say NO.
Be connected to yourself on a deeper level.

My goal is to guide you transform your life to the next level.                                                                                                          But I can't do it on my own. You are the one heals your body.

My support and your commitment have to be in sync.

In my services,

I will help you bloom your potential to your health and wellness.
I will pray for your healing.
I will be there for you.

Happy healing!

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Herbal and Nutritional Supplements
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Please check out some of the cool events that I will be participating this coming up months for health and wellness. It will be very casual atmosphere for you to say hi to me. I will answer all your questions about my services.
While I believe in nutrition from whole foods, I also think certain botanicals and supplements can support our healing process. However, good quality products are necesary in order to do so. A lot of products contain ingredietnts that slow down the whole system. Check out the products that are simple and cleaner.
Sharing my own healing story is to inspire others. We all are very unique individual so that our healing paths are all unique as well. But I believe my healing approach could support someone when they are going through a difficult time. We all experience ups and downs throughout the journey. And we often  need a little support like I did.