As my passion, my hobby, and my responsibility to explore the field of holistic healing arts, I have been blessed to get to know other beautiful practitioners and people in my life. 

I am grateful for the community with great energy keeps coming and going. I'd love this to be expanding without limiting to the certain age group, sex, or other holistic healing practioners.

I am also expanding my own little community. 
What this means is that I'm coming to understand the meaning of "refer out". 
I have a bit stubborn personality so that I want to help and support a client from zero to a hundred beyond my capacity. In order to do so, I spend the tremendous amount of time researching, putting the puzzle together all alone, and read read read... if the problem is not my specialty. 
But I have been learning how to be more efficient for both me and my clients. 

I love the idea of making our own team. I do it for my self when it comes to my own healing.
I take care of the nutrition part my own as I am the clinical nutritionist. But if the emotional stuff comes out, I go to see the body talk practitioner to open the energy field in the body. And the acupuncturist (here is the community acupuncture) to encourage the body to process the energy flow through meridians. I created the team to support my healing. 

I always suggest my clients to do the same. And I love to be the part of their team and work together to achieve our client's goal. 

For this reason, when my client come to see me and doesn't have anybody to team up, I would love to be the one to refer them out to great practitioners. Even though I already have some NDs, RMTs, counsellors, body talk practitioners, and acupuncturists that I could refer someone out to, I am open to meet new practitioners for myself and for my clients. 

Who knows what comes towards us and it always feels less anxious when we know who could help. 

So!! Please connect with me, 

if you are RMTs, other massage therapists, body workers, energy practitioners, counsellors, etc.

Also, you are most welcome if you have something that you think you are the best at, so that you could be at my service in exchange of what you like. 

Are you an artist specializes in photographs, painting, writing, singing, making jewelries, etc?

Or are you a MC in radio station? Personal trainer? 

Please message me from "contact" and choose "Exchange a Session" to let me know what you could offer for me and your interest for the therapy you like to have

I am so excited to connecting with you all ;)
As a clinical nutritionist, I am honoured to announce that I have become a certified GAPs practitioner recently.

Although I had known the founder of GAPs diet, Dr. Natasha Campbell Mcbride for quite sometime, I didn't have a chance to learn more about this practice with her for almost 3 years. Well, the timing is always right. I have come to where I strongly believe what's important for our body's healing. 

GAPs stands for "Gut and Psychology Syndrome". 
All diseases begin in the gut! and the emotional distress. We have to know that the emotional stress could come from the bacterial imbalances in the gut too!!

Science has discovered, that about 90% of all cells and all genetic material of the human body belongs to the gut flora - a mixture of various microbes such as parasites, fungi (candida), and more, which live inside our digestive tract. 
Our modern world (air pollution, radiation, toxins from all sort of sources, etc) poses many dangers for human gut flora, and once it is damaged, the health of the whole body enters a downward slide towards disease. 

How it manifests is up to the person. We all have different constitutions (weak or strong, weaknesses in different area in the body). 
It may start with food intolerance, food allergies, eczema and asthma. If the root cause (bacterial imbalance in the gut / leaky gut) isn't reversed, the person will keep having different symptoms. This is the way of our body to let us know something has to be changed. 

Dr. Natasha and GAPs practitioners all over the world have been helping people with ...
- Abdominal pain
- Acne
- Allergies
- Anemea
- Asthma
- Anorexia/Bulimia
- Atherosclerosis
- Autism
- Autoimmunity
- Bipolar Disorder
- Blood pressure 
- Cholesterol problems
- Childhood diseases
- Constipation
- Crohn's disease
- Cystitis
- Depression
- Digestive problems (bloating, flatulence, reflux, etc)
- Diarrhea
- Dysbiosis
- Dyslexia
- Dyspraxia
- Eczema
- Food intolerance/allergies
- Heart diseases
- Heart problems
- Hyperactivity
- Menstrual problems
- Memory problems
- Migraines
- Mood swings
- Neurological problems
- Nutritional deficiencies
- Schizophrenia
- Urinary infections
- Weight problems