Your PractitionerFumie Yamaguchi

It is well to consider nutrition as the first approach. All tissue requires chemical balance for healing or prevention.
                                                                                  We may need to use mechanical methods such as massage, physiotherapy, yoga, daily exercise, etc. to improve circulation. We need plenty of rest, and the brain must have every opportunity to be restored chemically, psychologically, and physically. No single remedy can supply all that is needed for the individual to function at his/her highest potential. 

I use Iridology to analyze the tissue condition and to understand what has been going on in the body, I can thoroughly provide my nutritional advice to address the root cause which we should be working on first. 

Combining with Arvigo®︎ Therapy , I have witnessed my clients transform their physical and emotional wellness to the next level. 

I am at your service whenever you happen to be on your life journey, and I am grateful to witness your transition for better. 

Professional Arvigo®︎ Therapy
Registered Orthomolecular
Health Practitioner

Certified Clinical Nutritionist 

Certified GAPS Practitioner
“Health, vitality, peace, joy, and wisdom are all the fruits of good living. ”

Dr. Bernard Jensen