Symptoms & diagnoses aren't what you own for life nor to define who you are, but to help you find a path to wellness.

Physical and emotional health challenges can be devastating and make us feel lost. But please make no mistake about diseases. You are not them but rather healing from them. So don’t let anyone get into your head, tell you that you will have to deal with it for life. It is only you who have the right to decide whether you want to become it or be free from it. You are the driver of your body after all.


And the healing is a process and a chance to get to know yourself better.


We often want to search for a  “label (diagnosis)“, when they’re almost certain that something doesn’t feel right.


While the diagnosis can be a very useful tool to determine which treatment should be given for a particular condition, it can ignore the whole picture of the body’s healing system and it can start driving your life because you are trapped in the label.


Because organ systems in our body work in harmony, and each system is connected through the nerve system, a physical manifestation in a certain part of the body doesn’t mean that the problem is only the localized area.

This is why it’s important to address the root cause where all signs and symptoms started showing up in the earlier time even when we were a baby rather than just seeking the name of the condition.


And we often find that our gut flora is responsible for many disorders.

My services & approaches could be a fit if …

  • you’d love to raise the vibration and to transform physical and psychological health
  • you’re eager to learn more about yourself inside-out through your healing
  • you understand “health and well-being” as not just the “Gut-Brain” connection but also “Body-Mind-Spirit
  • you agree that YOU‘re the healer of your own body and therapists are there to guide you and inspire you during the healing process
  • you’ve been living healthy and eating healthy, but haven’t been successful in achieving the health goals and wondered what’s missing
  • you’re ready to commit for the better health and emotional state but don’t know where to start

Your heart tells you that you want to …

  • See yourself and loved ones living up to your/their full potential a month from now … six months from now … a year from now …
  • Change the lifestyle – the way you eat, drink, think and live that is responsible for physical and emotional health
  • Live life without letting symptoms and/or diagnoses have power over you
  • Commit your time to understand “whole you” – you with physical discomfort, emotional you, and spiritual you -, and open to learning more
  • Avoid surgeries, be free from medications and/or to prevent any health degenerations with authentic holistic approaches that empower your body’s natural ability to eliminate diseases and heal
  • Become the one who inspires others and makes the world a better place through your own healing
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We might have found each other if …

  • you believe in the healing power of nutrition (from both animal and plant sources) and humanity
  • you love supporting community- local businesses, artists, farmers, and making a place one of a kind
  • you’re into conscious living – your own health, environment, and the planet
  • you believe making a change within can have a positive impact on people around you and the world
  • you’re ready to accept all you deserve – time for yourself, things that make you feel excited, relationships that are joyful, and MORE!
  • you know that you’re the creator of your own life. The timing is ALWAYS right. Never too late or too early.

Hello, I'm Fumie

I've been helping individuals of different age groups transform their lives ``from surviving to thriving`` with holistic nutrition/GAPS™️ nutritional therapy and Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®.

Conditions that can be benefited from my services are ...

As we all know that we can't live a balanced life without looking after all ingredients for health and wellness - nutrition, diet, exercise, lifestyle, emotions and spirituality.