About Me

About your practitioner, Fumie Yamaguchi

Hello, holistic advocate internet wonderers and fellow wellness warriors.

If you are here, it must be because you were curious to know more about me and how I came to be involved so deeply with holistic healing therapy.

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My mission

I’m committed to helping people proactively prevent disease, restore health, and maintain wellness, vitality, and quality of life with safe, non-toxic, and drug-free natural therapies.

I will provide an individualized health plan as I respect the biochemical uniqueness of each individual – genetics, the way you live, eat, process emotions, and so forth.

I believe in our body’s own bio-regulation system to achieve homeostasis = wholeness with proper nutrition, supplements and herbs, spiritual growth (developing higher awareness and consciousness), and other supportive therapies.

Through many ups and downs on my own healing, I have learned the important lessons.  Healing requires self-love (BIG TIME!), trust and patience, proper guidance, and unconditional support besides nutrition (the master healing science!).

And I believe that my experience and never-ending training can provide with what suits my client’s needs and empower them to become their own healer.

I’m eager to make one smile at a time and I believe it will heal the world over the years.

Fumie's Fun Facts

Whether you've already been my friend or never met me, I have to tell you that I can be a very private person from time to time. But I feel fair to the world to get to know me better before me asking the world to tell me who they are!

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Made in Japan

kurashiki in Okayama

I loved playing outside, in nature with my older brother and other kids. And loved watching and helping my mom cook at home as a little girl. My family went to visit our ancestors in the graveyard every Sunday - put some flowers and burn incenses, etc. and to pray that the souls of our lineage are at peace.

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Girl High on Curiosity

A blessed childhood

I've learned how to knit and sew by copying my mom. I played piano for 7 years, joined a choir, took swimming lessons, abacus lessons, and calligraphy lessons (Shodo) which I received 8-dan. However, all of them kind of fell behind when I started playing basketball in junior high.

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Earned Bachelor Degree in Food Science

Became a Registered Dietitian

I left my parents at 18 and moved to Tokyo for school. I had an interesting relationship with food as I was anorexic and later became bulimic. It all started when I was 11 but strongly believed in the healing property of food so it was natural I majored in food science at University.

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Karaoke Love

The reason is Madonna

While I've always loved singing, the love grew even more in my university years. Karaoke was one of the effective ways to release stress and the reason to hang out with friends. One morning on the way to the hospital I worked as an RD, I was listening to one of Madonna's albums in English and thought ``I want to sing her songs! I need to learn English!``

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Life in Canada

Cities I've lived?

The very first city I've lived in Canada was Vancouver, BC. I've met many Japanese friends (ironic!) and Canadian friends about a year after. My life there for 7 years was very fulfilling, dense, and at the same time frustrating as I didn't know how to embrace two cultures, especially my heritage when my English became better. I moved to Toronto, ON for a change and advanced education. I've met many like-minded people who inspired me in both my personal and professional life. Unfortunately, the weather in TO didn't suit my nature. I realized that I was more of a BC girl. So here I am back in BC. Currently, in charming Victoria and loving every face of the city.

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Life outside Japan/Canada

Places I've been

I've traveled to Italy 3 times (Milan, Florence, Rome, Pisa, Genova), France (Paris, Lyon, Chamonix), Netherland (Amsterdam, Rotterdam), Portugal (Porto, Lisbon), UK (London, Cambridge), Mexico (Cancun, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel), Brazil (Brasilia, Abadiania), and USA (AK, OR, WA, CA, NM, NY). I've been always drawn to European countries and look forward to more traveling in the future - Norway, Sweden, Germany, UK (Northern), France (Southern), etc. And of course, I still have a lot to see within Canada!

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When Sitting on the Couch

Favourite movies

I love true stories, biography, history, documentary, romance, cheezy love comedy, and mystery. Among those, the favorites that I've watched multiple times are : ``The Notebook``, ``The Secret - The Law of Attraction``, ``Amelie``, ``Pretty Woman``, ``Love Actually``, ``Forrest Gump``, ``A Hard Day's Night``, ``Help!``, ``How the Beatles Changed the World``, and Studio Ghibli's (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Ponyo, My Neighbor Totoro).

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When Having Free Time

Things that Bring me Joy

Walking in the city, in the woods, and by the ocean. The sounds of birds chirping and the smells of the dirt. Wind Chimes. Flowers, especially rose, sunflower, and daisy. Madonna and the Beatles make my heart dance. Counting gratitude (My intention is up to 1000 daily!). Planning a trip. Hot Chocolate. organic local food. Local artists' local arts. Like-minded people. Inspirational talks. Film camera. Old pictures. Handwritten letters. Scooter. Health food store - hopping. Good hair days.

❝I've always wanted to be a nutritionist. Because nutritions do heal our body.❞

My Trainings and Certifications

Registered Dietitian 2003 (Japan)

Certified Nutritional Practitioner 2012 (Vancouver, BC)

Iridology 2012 (Toronto, ON)

Certified Moon Mother® 2013 (Toronto, ON)

Bioregulatory Medicine 2014 (Edmonton, AB)

Arvigo® Therapy 2015-16 (The Arvigo Institute, US)

Certified GAPS™️ Practitioner 2017 (Cambridge, UK)

Female Pelvic Floor Training (by Pelvic Pain Relief) 2018 in Progress

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