Womb Blessing®


30 January 2019

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Womb Blessing®

Womb Blessing®


The Womb Blessing® is a transformational energy therapy and female practice that brings powerful healing to the womb and its cycle, and to your four female archetypal energies, to create connectedness to our femininity, tranquillity and centeredness, female empowerment and well-being. Through connection to the Sacred Feminine within it opens us to our natural female spirituality.

Our womb is much more than a factory for making babies. In fact, it is the center of female empowerment and the center of our creative, sexual, spiritual and life energies, and through any disruption, it is telling us in a very loud voice that we are thinking and living in a way that is not in harmony with what it means to be female.

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The four female archetypes consist of the Maiden, the Mother, the Enchantress and the Crone, and they are associated with the energies and experiences of the four phases of the menstrual cycle and with the four phases of the Moon. These archetypes are patterns and energies that are inherent in our female nature regardless of culture, language, religion and society. They are the ‘authentic female nature’ of women. The Womb Blessing focuses on awakening all aspects of these archetypes into our awareness so that we can accept them, love them and joyfully express them in our lives in female conscious living.


The womb’s cycles (known as our menstrual cycle) and the changing energies and levels of perception associated with each phase of the cycle impact on every aspect of our lives. This includes our feelings about ourselves and our lives, our relationships, our work, our needs, and desires, what makes us feel fulfilled, contented and happy.

When we ignore this very natural, innate cycle or repress the energies that flow through it, we miss out on one of the most important tools for happiness and fulfillment we have. More importantly, we live a restricted life which chains our female nature within the expectations of society and leaves the source of our power and the home of our female soul a barren wasteland.

The Womb Blessing® helps us to reconnect to our womb and to heal our womb energy center and its associated energies. It raises our level of energy and consciousness to awaken the aspects of our femininity with which we have lost contact, and opens our awareness to the energies of our womb and our cyclic nature.

Yes! Fumie is authorized to perform Womb Blessing® as a MOON MOTHER!

A Personal Womb Blessing® given by Moon Mothers is an attunement –  the energy of Divine Feminine rises and authentic female aspects awakens within, and the energies integrate into the four female archetypes through a sequence of hand positions and breaths.

The Blessing focuses on your femininity, healing your individual patterns (disharmony), and awakening the aspects of yourself that most need to be expressed in your life. It is also like a quiet female oasis in a world barren of female energies. It is a time to breathe deeply, to let go of stress and to relax into the real you and remember the wonderful gifts and joyful beauty of being a woman.


The Blessing can be received to address feminine issues related directly to the womb such as the menstrual cycle, fertility, pregnancy / post pregnancy, or other issues.


Both the personal Womb Blessing® and Worldwide Womb Blessing® are equally important in a path of healing the disharmony in our wombs, in our menstrual cycles and in our female nature, of accepting and connecting to our female energies, and of awakening to our authentic female self.

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The Benefits of A Womb Blessing®

  • Discovery and acceptance of our original or authentic bodies and feminine lives.

  • Connection to our feminine journey regardless of the challenges of living in a masculine world

  • Healing the disharmony within our wombs and menstrual cycles

  • Celebrating first bleeding and last bleeding, new life and death, and new beginnings and new endings

  • Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing

  • Stress relief

  • Healed, renewed, and empowered feminity

  • A personal spiritual connection with the Divine Feminine

  • Ability to embrace emotions

  • Feeling soul purpose and awareness

  • Releasing the guilt and fear of not meeting the expectations of how we should be as women

  • Living life in a more female way that feels natural, joyful and empowered

  • Reducing competitiveness and fear-based behaviors

  • Creating relationships with men and women based on our authentic femininity

  • If we have a menstrual cycle, accepting our cyclic nature and living in harmony with it

  • Acknowledging, celebrating, and  expressing our strong female nature

  • Awakening our natural female spirituality, sexuality, and creativity, and being freed from expectations and restrictions

  • Awakening suppressed or dormant aspects of our female energies and self (our four female archetypes)

  • Opening to the joy and freedom to express who we truly are in all the beauty of being female


icon add white - Womb Blessing® icon less white - Womb Blessing® Who can receive a Womb Blessing®?

The Womb Blessing® is appropriate for all women after menarche, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and post-menopausal women. It is not necessary to have a uterus to receive the Blessing. It can be received once, as needed, or on an ongoing basis as part of a women's spiritual and healing journey.

What Happens After A Womb Blessing®

After receiving the Blessing, the journey has begun! The energy will continue working through each of your four female archetypes. These are associated with each of the phases of your menstrual cycle if you are cyclic, or with the lunar phases (New Moon or Full Moon), if you are not cyclic or experience a very irregular cycle. Integration of the Blessing takes about a month, and to help anchor the changes the Blessing is making it is helpful to start living your life as much as you can in tune with your cyclic nature.


Your first Womb Blessing is like planting a rose seed. Each successive Womb Blessing helps the seed to grow higher towards the light and grow deeper roots into the Earth. In between Blessings, we need to nurture the growth so that the rose bush will be healthy, creating buds, blossoms, and fruits in harmony with the natural seasons and cycles.


Fumie also offers Womb Healing which creates a nurturing and loving environment to balance and energize the female archetypes that are already awakened from Womb Blessing®, as well as helping the newly awakened aspects to integrate into your being and consciousness.

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