Enema Bucket 2L

Enema Bucket 2L


Enema Kit is a reusable and portable solution to undertaking basic colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy from the comfort of your own home. It is simply a must have for everyone who wanna improve their health, especially people who have some health challenges such as constipation, fever, skin irritations, etc..

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1. Sterilizable, Food Grade Stainless Steel Bucket of Large 2Q capacity

2. Added 2 ENEMA BAGS – SUPER VALUE – Includes 2 Travel Enema Bags for Easy, Quick, hassle-free options

3. EXPERIENCE BOTH – Steel Bucket OR Bag – with the tubing for Variety, Convenience or for Travel

4. Includes Complete Latex free tubings and fittings – Enema Hose, Nozzles, Clamp and Colon Tube with Instructions

5. AVOID lower capacity buckets – Minimum 2Q size strongly recommended for sufficient liquid pressure in Enemas.


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